About MethodPress

MethodPress is a small collective of Australasian web developers who are employed in ‘in-house’ development teams for organisations and institutions in various industries within the German-speaking area of Europe. Having met at industry conferences and workshops, we joined together to build sites and plugins within our hobbies and fields of interest. Along the way, we met many other interested customers and developers who had further ideas and wishes… so we continued to expand our projects. The rest is history.
We all still work in full-time employment in other industries and work on MethodPress in side-project capacity. MethodPress is NOT an agency and we are not available to build your site.

WordPress Plugin and Theme Work

Predominantly, we develop Plugins or Themes to meet the needs of WordPress customers where these needs are not met by existing plugins or where the available plugins are either over-priced, laden with poor code, inefficient or not developed according to WordPress best practices.

We are also open to suggestions from our community of users as to other plugins that you need developed. When a plugin suggestion is made to us, we assess the current plugin ecosystem and determine if there are already suitable solutions available. If there are not, we consider the usefulness of such a plugin and when we see this – and when we believe we can provide a solution – we develop the plugin for free and release it to the WordPress community.

MethodPress provides plugins on an ‘as is’ basis. Whilst we attempt to provide support to all users, we do not charge for plugins and so we are unable to offer a full support service that you might otherwise expect from a commercial agency.
That said, some of our more complex plugins (and indeed guides on our site) do contain links to services for hosting, content supply and more. When we are able to identify customers/users who have used this links and resulted in affiliate commission – which we use to develop more plugins for you – we are able to offer an enhanced support service.


Barry Kendall / (Bazza Kindle)

Barry grew up in the NSW (Australia) countryside but went to school in North Sydney… where he was never really noticed… he was the quiet country kid that didn’t quite fit in. It was at school that Barry first got interested in geeky online stuff. The school was demolished. Not by Barry. After  spending a few years moving about Australia working in dead-end IT jobs, Barry was on holiday in Germany in 2010 when he met a nice girl and decided to stick around. He started working in web design and development in the Entertainment industry and had been in Münich ever since. The girl didn’t stick around.

Most MethodPress collaborators know Barry as Bazza (a traditional nickname for Barry in Australia) or as Kindle. The latter because Collaborator 3 (MP3) has a disgusting New Zealand accent and can’t say Kendall properly.

Robert Idle / (Robbie)

Robbie comes from the Darling Downs region of Queensland, Australia and has been living in Switzerland for what seems like eternity. Although he would much rather be doing something more sociable and wholesome, he’s been stuck working in the finance/insurance industry for most of this time.

So when Robbie met Kindle and MP3 at a conference in 2018, it was with great zeal and passion that he teamed up with them with some ideas for projects, plugins and sites. Loving a good rant and someone who always sees a way to ‘fix things’, Robbie loves to analyse a market and find a creative way to make it better.

At the moment, he has his eyes set quite firmly on the dating industry. Yeah, he’s single.

Collaborator 3 / (MP3)

We call him MP3 – not like the audio file format, rather like MethodPress3 – it kind of became a habit too. Originally from New Zealand, Robbie and Bazza love to give MP3 a hard time about his dodgy accent. And MP3’s cute pronunciation of Kendall earned Bazza his other nickname, Kindle.

MP3 has worked for a Swiss Academic institute in-house for over 15 years. He is a WordPress specialist but has 25 years experience in web development, social media marketing, traditional marketing and business analysis. He mostly looks after our hosting, domains, DNS management and stuff like that. But occasionally he also does some real work.
His kids use this Avatar for MP3 on Disney+ Streaming. It’s actually a very good likeness. That image is © Disney just for the record. He is Carl from Up!